President's Message

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kick off newsletter for the 2018-2019. The summer is flying. The board has been working hard in July planning this year’s activities.

We ended last year on a positive note. Received gold

medals in the Newsletter and Website competitions in the Warner

Division. We tried some new forms of communications, a Monkey

 Chimp email and a Survey Monkey. Both got positive responses

from you, our members. Thank you to all our members who

responded. Most important were your responses to our Survey

Monkey questionnaire. You confirmed the board’s decision to expand

 ournumber of technical meetings with some old as well as new topics.

We are expanding the number of meetings to eight. We will be

moving our chapter meetings around this next year - one each at

Case Western Reserve and at John Carroll. We are looking for a

new place to hold our other meetings but will keep them on Tuesday.

We will announce the new location in our newsletter and website.

We have gotten one new and one old board member to join us this

year. We are still looking for more board members and based on

your interest from the survey there are several of you members that

would like to become active members of the board. Please contact

me directly at or call me at 216-598-1952.

Several of you expressed interest in working in the community

service area (including Volunteer Income Tax and Student Liaison)

and the program planning area.

In the student area, we have 2 chapters now, Hiram and John

Carroll, and plan to add one more this fall, CASE and Notre Dame. If

you are an alumnus of one of those schools, your help would be

appreciated. Our National office has already done most of the work

to make working together process relatively easy. We have a

National Student Leadership conference every November. We had

12 student members attend last year.

We hope to see you and your significant other at our August meeting

at The Rock & Roll Hall Wednesday, August 22th at 5:30 PM. This

will be a joint meeting with the Cleveland and Akron chapters.

Student members are invited - their cost is $10.00. Register online or call Sandy Brenner 216-839-7288 for reservations.

Ernie Brass
President, Cleveland East Chapter